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Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Apply -2

In last blog I told you about basic of applying now I am resuming that. For official apply you have to log on . Remember you can do this by yourself there are many study abroad consultancy firm in Dhaka they will make your application and charge you minimum 5000 Taka so be careful, If you can do this why you'll go to other for help. In that website there is a form you have to fill up it. You can choose 4 subject at an application, it would be batter to choice different subjects of different university. Most of the student wants to study in Helsinki the capital city of Finland. If you choose university near Helsinki you have to do very well in entrance exam so decision upon you cause you are not only competing with Bangladesh student but also student of whole word.

For example, I admitted in JAMK university of applied science. 1604 candidate stand for entrance exam and 120 of the got chance. minimum score was 37 out of 100 who got last chance. I got 63.

Now make an application and submit that properly you'll get a confirmation through your email address, Print out that and save that for future use.Now make a set of these papers

1. SSC / equivalent exam's Certificate & Mark sheet
2. HSC/ Diploma Engineering/ equivalent exam's Certificate & Mark sheet
3. IELTS (minimum 6.0)
4. PASSPORT (occupation must be Student)

and send that to your first priority university address. You'll find address in your email also in their website. EMS in Dhaka GPO will cut near 1200/1300 Taka (15 days need to reach). FedEx or DHL charger 2400 Taka (7 day need to reach). I am again reminding you all papers should be notarized by any notary public. Be careful about your postal address cause they'll send you invitation card of entrance exam by post, and you know the bad condition of our postal system

Now wait for Entrance exam invitation card. In next blog I'll write about entrance exam


  1. Via,Am i permitted to apply at four different UAS for four different subjects?

    I heard that living expenses at Helsinki are pretty exorbitant.
    How is that expense outside the helsinki?

  2. yes you can apply at 4 different subjects.

    Outside of Helsinki living and food cost about 200 Euro per month.

  3. Wow!Its like as at it is in Dhaka!
    Via,If i apply at four different subjects at four different UAS's,do i need to send my documents at four different destinations or is it nuclear type?

  4. While sending my documents,do i need to maintain any formality?Such as,any application?
    Or i have to just pack the documents&send them to the corresponding UAS?

    Ami boltey chassi j jokhon document gola pathabo,ki rokom kham a pathabo?Document ar sthe likhito kso dte hobe?
    Via,bhujte parsen?

  5. While you make on-line application through their website, that is your main application. You need not to write any other application when you send your document.

  6. hi vai,ami tuhin,ami finland a study ar bapara khub intereste.Amar question hollo ami ke ak sata kotota versity ta appli korta parbo,potak tar jonno ke alada kora application kor ta hoba.aggmi semester ar application koba suro hoba abong proti bosor kotota semester,bank A/c a taka ke nij nama sara onno karo nama rakha jaba abong koto dinn rakta hoba.

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  8. In a single application you can apply for 4 different university. Next application time will be start from January 2012.

  9. I can apply on the university weabside directly or