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Friday, September 25, 2009

What is entrance exam? How much score I need?

"Entrance" this word is a popular word in Finland. To entry in somewhere is entrance. So from the point of view of Bangladesh student Entrance exam is one kind of admission test only. In Finland there is no tuition fee, so they obviously want that they should give the chance to meritorious students, for that they start entrance exam. But Don't be anxious about that easy admission test. It is possible to get chance for study here in Finland if you get only 50 out of 100 marks in that entrance/admission test. So start to prepare yourself for that exam.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Total cost to come in Finland

All of us are anxious about the cost to come in Finland. But you will be glade to know that total cost to come in Finland not more than 2 lac Bangladeshi Taka. Here I am describing the cost:

1. Application no cost
2. Sending documents 2000/=
3. Entrance Exam registration 4000/=
4. Health Insurance 30,000/=
5. Visa application fee 10,000/=
5. India trip for submitting visa application 10,000/=
7. India trip for collecting visa stamp 10,000/=
8. plane fare to come Finland 65,000/=

In which semester you should apply?

As far as I know it is possible to take admission in Finland in two individual semester, Spring and Autumn. Application procedure for spring starts from 1st September and For autumn it is January. But every year in spring semester they allow lowest number of student and only two or three university admit student from the outside of Finland. So I recommend Autumn semester for Bangladeshi students. Even some time they do not arrange entrance exam /admission test in Dhaka for spring semester, but always they arrange entrance exam /admission test in Dhaka for Autumn semester. So take decision yourself that which semester would be good for you.

Degree programmes starting in spring 2010

1. Application period 1 - 11 September 2009. Online application closes on 11 September at 4.15 pm Finnish time (+2 hrs GMT). Copies of relevant non-Finnish certificates and authorised translations of them and proof of language skills when applicable must arrive by post by 18 September at the latest, faxed or scanned copies are not accepted. Paper application forms must arrive by 11 September at 4.15 pm Finnish time at the latest to the polytechnic/UAS of the applicant's first choice.
2. Entrance examinations are held between 21 and 30 October 2009
3. Polytechnics/UAS announce the results by 27 November 2009
4. Admitted students must confirm their study places by 11 December 2009 at 4.15 pm Finnish time at the latest.

Application results for degree programmes starting in spring 2010 will be sent by mail to the students by 27 November 2009 at the latest. In addition to the letter of admittance, the student will receive a confirmation form. It is imperative that the student submits the confirmation form to the higher education institution in which he/she wishes to study by 11 December 2009 at 4.15 pm Finnish time at the latest, otherwise the student will forfeit the study place.

Confirmation of the study place is binding and cannot be altered or cancelled.

If you have applied to several degree programmes, please wait until you have received all the admission results. Once you have received all the results, select your study place and return the confirmation form. A student forfeits his/her study place, if the confirmation form arrives at the higher education institution after the set date

Entrance Examinations Schedule Autumn 2010

The maximum points awarded for the entrance examination is 100 points. The entrance examination results of those applicants who are admitted on the basis of the total of points for school performance and the entrance examination are automatically scaled down by 0.7. The entrance examinations can be arranged between 1 April and 7 May 2010. The aim is to arrange national entrance examination in the following fields: natural sciences; natural resources and the environment; tourism, catering and domestic services; technology, communications and transport; social sciences, business and administration. The dates for the national entrance examinations are: natural sciences 23 April; natural resources and the environment 29 April; tourism, catering and domestic services 27 April; technology, communications and transport 29 April; social sciences, business and administration 28 April and social services, health and sports arrange examinations on 19-30 April. The minimum score for a passed examination are: Culture 50/100; natural sciences 30/100; natural resources and the environment 30/100; tourism, catering and domestic services 30/100; technology, communications and transport 30/100; social services, health and sports 30/100; social sciences, business and administration 30/100. The language test included in the entrance examination should test the applicant’s knowledge of language widely. The entrance examinations and the language tests arranged abroad must correspond to the entrance examinations arranged in Finland.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Syllabus of exam

Generally the entrance exam syllabus is Mathematics, Physics, Logical problems and English for engineering student. For business student it is Mathematics, Management, English, Business related small problems and by email they will provide you some reference book or attachment files. In download section of this site I am trying to gather Question bank of Engineering and Business entrance exam

Entrance Exam Letter

If you selected for Entrance exam you will get this letter pack at you mailing address. All instructions are written there. With that letter and along with your passport you have to go British council for registration of entrance exam it needs 4000 taka. Then British council will confirm you the venue and time table of the exam. Now you have to be prepared for exam. As far as I know two types of exam taken by Finnish education board one is Engineering one is business. So if your selected subject is Science related you have to sit for engineering section and if your background is commerce than business. But it possible for science students for appearing in business related exam for this you have to apply for business related subject when you make your online application.

After Application

After making a successful application you will get a confirmation email and in that letter the address is written where you have to send your papers. Follow the instruction and send your papers to correct address. By EMS it need 1400 Taka By DHL or FEDEX it need 2400 taka to send half Kg weight to Finland within 7 days. Now wait for their evaluation that are you have met the required eligibility for appearing in entrance exam or not?