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Thursday, September 17, 2009

After Application

After making a successful application you will get a confirmation email and in that letter the address is written where you have to send your papers. Follow the instruction and send your papers to correct address. By EMS it need 1400 Taka By DHL or FEDEX it need 2400 taka to send half Kg weight to Finland within 7 days. Now wait for their evaluation that are you have met the required eligibility for appearing in entrance exam or not?


  1. Via,In that confirmation letter they ask to affix an applicant number.
    Where should i write down that number?
    In invelope?Or In all the documents?

  2. I hope you ll get me.
    Where should i write down the applicant number while sending my attachments to the UAS?
    They ask to write down an applicant number(Sent via E-mail)on the attachments i 'm sending.
    Would you please make it clear to me?

  3. You should write down your applicant number on envelope. It is wise to print out the email (they have sent to you where your subjects, applicant number and other information are written)and attach that with other papers what you are going to send to them.

  4. Thanks.Would you upload any study materials regarding chemistry?

  5. I think your blog is resourceful and i have got most of the information i needed. Pls I want to know when the pre reading material for Technology will be made available for downloading. Thank you.

  6. Read the question Bank from Download section.