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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Entrance Exam Letter

If you selected for Entrance exam you will get this letter pack at you mailing address. All instructions are written there. With that letter and along with your passport you have to go British council for registration of entrance exam it needs 4000 taka. Then British council will confirm you the venue and time table of the exam. Now you have to be prepared for exam. As far as I know two types of exam taken by Finnish education board one is Engineering one is business. So if your selected subject is Science related you have to sit for engineering section and if your background is commerce than business. But it possible for science students for appearing in business related exam for this you have to apply for business related subject when you make your online application.


  1. Via,Science a to either Physics answer korte hoy or Chemistry ans korte hoy.Dhoron,ami akta question(7) a physics ans korlam.Porer question(8)tai o ki physics answer korte hobe?
    R document gola pathanor shomoy alada kon formality ase?

    Math section a kotogula problem ar solution deya but problem gola ni.Akto dekhben?

  2. You have to answer either Physics or chemistry, not from both section. No formality required.
    Yes there was some mistake in that folder. I have just corrected that. Could you please check once.