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Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Dear Sir,

You will be required to appear for an interview at the Embassy in New Delhi along with your bio-data, passport, letter of admission, educational/work experience certificates and financial support documents ( Euro 6000 in your name in any bank). Kindly bring two copies of each document.

Any student who submits a residence permit application must attach details of their comprehensive health insurance cover to their application. Comprehensive insurance cover means insurance which includes the types of treatment and costs that are covered by municipal health care services and the health insurance system.
It is a precondition for obtaining a residence permit that the student has valid health insurance cover with a reliable and solvent company or institution.
For studies of less than two years in duration, a student must have private insurance which primarily covers the costs of medical treatment up to 100,000 euros (cost level in 2007).
Where the duration of the studies is two years or more, a student will usually have a home municipality in Finland and is therefore entitled to municipal health care services. In such cases, it is sufficient for the insurance to primarily cover the cost of medicines (in practice the cover extends to doctor’s fees and costs of treatment and examination), up to 30,000 euros (cost level in 2007).
A student must have insurance cover when applying for a residence permit as without it a residence permit cannot be granted. In principle a residence permit cannot be issued for a period exceeding the period of the insurance cover.
The application fee is Rs.6400/- and the processing time is approx. 45 days.
More information available at
Please feel free to call for any clarifications.

Embassy of Finland
Nyaya Marg
New Delhi-110021
Tel No. Office- 011-41497500
Tel No. Visa Section- 011 41497570