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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Degree Programme in International Business 2010

The entrance examination will follow the national guidelines.

Entrance examination includes

Structured motivation letter 10 p
Assignments on provided material 30 p
Mathematics and Logical Thinking 20 p
Interview 40 p
Total 100 p

If an applicant score is less than 30 points out of 100 points in the entrance exam, an applicant is not eligible for admission.

Entrance exams from the previous years are not available.

Entrance examination's pre-reading materials will be out later.


  1. Bhaia,

    how demandable subject is this? Can i get a good job there studying this subject?

  2. Its a very good subject. You can get a job in any European company.

  3. How a syudent can get citizenship in Finland or is it possible for a student to get citizenship in Finland?How?Explain the procedure.

  4. Is it mandatory for a student to learn Finnish language before arriving Finland?.

  5. Dear Brother
    I am from Bangaldesh. I need total Mathematics guideline of "Arcada, Degree program in International Business". I download the mathematics suggestion from your server. But there are a lot of Maths which are totally science background. My entrance examination is on 12th April,2011. I have 15 days more. So please give me proper suggestion how can i pass the maths section of Entrance exam. You can mail me at

  6. As I am from science background I don't know actually the pattern of business questions. Please contact with your university's admission section.

  7. where can i get a model question for international business entrance examination???

  8. what type of maths question they ask for in international business.