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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Application period for international Master's degree programmes

Dear international students,

This is to remind you that the application period for the Master’s degree programmes which are conducted in English started on 15 November.
The application deadline is either on 17 January or 28 February, depending on the programme.

The programmes are :

Biology of Physical Activity
Corporate Environmental Management
Development and International Cooperation
Educational Leadership
European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (application deadline 10 January)
Entrepreneurship in Family Business
Intercultural Communication
Mobile Technology and Business
Renewable Energy
Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sustainable Management of Inland Aquatic Resources

Links to the programme websites are available at .

Best regards

Elina Isännäinen (Ms)
kv. asiain opintosihteeri / Foreign Student Adviser
PL 35 / P.O.Box 35
FI-40014 Jyväskylän yliopisto / University of Jyväskylä
p. / tel. +358 14 260 1079
fax +358 14 260 1163

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Masters level and Tuition fee

Bachelor and Doctoral Programs are totally tuition fee free. Only Tuition fee in Masters level study. Here you find the list where subjects and University name is listed concerning tuition fee. This year will be the first year of tuition fee in Finland so they have one hidden tricks. Even-though you will be admitted under the role of tuition fee but they will cover it by easy scholarship given to you (it is only my idea and experience, no official announcement, you may not be given Scholarship if you are out of luck).

Tuition fee list

My recommendation for Bangladeshi student who wants to study in Masters level in Finland, if you can manage scholarship than come here otherwise try to take admission in Bachelor degree, come here, manage your job and migrate to masters program. And it would be easier then to get scholarship even by the recommendation of your teacher. Think my word twice while tuition fee might be 9000 euro per academic year and living cost 400 euro per month. If you can bear your educational expenses from your family so you are warmly welcome in any time any condition.

In the upper part of this post I have written only for good student. But who are average grade and exhausted like me, please don't care any thing, come anyhow, it is possible to survive and stay here in any condition, as long as you want.

Study, Job, Scholarship Related Links

National Job Portal
Internation Job portal
Practical Training
Virtual Finland

Immigration site

University Ranking
Masters programme
Bachelor programme

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Important links

Here is some important links for you which can help you in many aspects:

1. Train service:

2. Bus service:

3. Bangladeshi community

4. Facebook Group!/group.php?gid=47090896575&v=wall!/group.php?gid=177352487627&ref=mf

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flight and Ticket

Hi, I think most of you have got residence permit and planning for fly to Helsinki. For some of you it will quite new experience. So I am trying to tell you some primary information.

1. Maximum weight of luggage is 20 KG
2. Maximum weight of Hand bag is 7 KG

*No liquid/metal in hand bag

Routes are normally

Dhaka-Dubai-Istanbul-Helsinki (Turkish Air)
Dhaka-Doha-Frankfurt-Helsinki (Etihad)
Dhaka-Bangkok-Stockholm-Helsinki (Thai Air)
Dhaka-New Delhi-Helsinki (Finn Air)

Price: It cost for one way 60 to 70 thousand BDT . Return ticket is cheaper but I think no one would buy that cause validity of an air ticket is 1 year and student do not go to home country within a year.

Known Agent:

Mr. Abdur Rahman
Air Travel Solution
Mob: +8801711512535

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Volunteer for new students

Ibrahim khandker +358465747224

Masud Shah +358468989862

Ahmed Rafiq Ul Islam


Pappu Rakibul Islam +358466157401
Ehsanul Islam +358466159669

Zuhrul Islam Jewel +358466135918

Naimul Islam Naim +358495656030

Nazmul Pintu +358465767056

Sabbir Hussain +358465939278

Tanim Kamal, +358465954044

Friday, July 16, 2010

New bank statement and Income source issue

I heard from some of this blog readers that some of you have been asked for new bank statement. Don't be worry, if a normal step of visa procedure. Just take a new statement of your account and send that to concerning email address by scanning.

Now the important matter, you may asked from where you have got your fund? The same thing I was asked, Tell them your source of fund (I think you may answer that from your guardian e.g. Father, uncle). Than they could ask you how your guardian got his fund. You should answer intelligently. Translate your guardian's TIN certificate, VAT and treasury bill into English and send them scan copy of those. Have a look at how that papers DOWNLOAD

I think all problem will be solved and you would get residence permit. If any think to ask just comment as soon as possible, I know that all of you are running out of time.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Result of entrance exam has been published

Result of entrance exam of all University of Applied Sciences has been publish on 28th of May. Check your name at your first choice's university website. They have already sent you acceptance letter / result sheet by post which is very important for your residence permit application so ask your postman everyday. You may also make an application to admission officer of your university to send your Postal papers also by email.
Important: In case of postal letter missing it is possible to make residence permit application by printing copy of email attachments.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pre-reading material for International Business

Download and study Pre-reading material for International Business

Monday, January 18, 2010

Old question for IT

For Information Technology entrance exam please download and study this. Also available in download section of this page.

2010 List of UAS where Bangladeshi student can apply this year.

Please check out carefully before you make your on-line application. Cause all University of applied science (UAS) do not arrange entrance in Dhaka.

Arcada, Central Ostrobothnia UAS, Jyväskylä UAS, Kymenlaakso UAS, Mikkeli UAS, Oulu UAS, Rovaniemi UAS, Saimaa UAS, Savonia UAS, Seinäjoki UAS, Tampere UAS, Turku UAS, Vaasa UAS

Pre-reading material for Nursing

1) Questions from Fry, Sara: Ethics in Nursing Practice, A Guide to Ethical Decision Making. International Council of Nurses, edition 1994 pages 5-159, or edition 2002 pages 4-106, or edition 2008 pages 5-118.

2) Questions from Marieb E. Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology. 9th edition, pages 1 - 132.

For more information please contact the Degree Programme ( or +358 20 783 5623).

Pre reading materials for Social Services

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Degree Programme in Social Services


Exam literature consists of three articles and one report, which are typical examples of material used while studying in the Degree Programme in Social Services.

1) Juha Hämäläinen: Developing social pedagogy as an academic discipline (pages 133-153). In: Anders Gustavsson & Hans-Erik Hermansson & Juha Hämäläinen (eds.): Perspectives and Theory in Social Pedagogy. Daidalos, Göteborg 2004.

2) Articles in Infed-website (Exploring Informal Education, Lifelong Learning, and Social Action):
• Introducing Informal Education (
• Animation (

3) Huset Mandat Morgen: What lies ahead for the Nordic model? A discussion paper on the future of the Nordic welfare model in a global competition economy. Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen 2007.

The written part of the entrance exam includes multiple choice and essay questions. The aim is to assess the capacity of the applicant to understand the contents of the exam material and to produce coherent, logical answers in English language. Therefore no specific questions e.g. on dates, figures or names of books or authors are posed unless they are clearly essential to the article or the report.