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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pre-reading material for International Business

Download and study Pre-reading material for International Business


  1. can u give any precise idea about maths? i m not acquainted with standard mathematical problem since my background is will the writing section?will it be free writing? i`ll be grateful if u let me know these info.

  2. See the download section, there are old questions there, practice these. In writing section there may be the question "how to sell computer to student that they can buy and you also can make profit?"
    If your background is commerce you could apply to international business, there will be no complicated mathematics (Critical mathematics for engineering students) there.

  3. Thanks a lot ...but i m not sure if there is any specific question paper for international business in download section.anyways we r so happy that u r always here to help us.

  4. bro... so far i heard part time job is really difficult there outside capital.if the city is turku. Is it not even possible to support my livelihood staying away from helsinki?Pls let me know if u have any idea.

  5. Here in every city you will see Bangladesh and they are doing job. You have to keep patience.

  6. i want to apply for next semester. what should i do n whats d time to apply?

  7. are these pre reading materials for bachelor level or for masters?

  8. Entrance exam only for Bachelor degree not for masters, so reading materials belongs to Bachelor level.

  9. Dear Fin Bro,

    I do have plenty of questions to you and I want to ask them privately. can u just mail me at . can be a great help to me..

    some questions___

    * I will apply at Program of tourism related study.. what are the type of questions?

    * Do all university take exam in BD? I heard not.. If not then how can I be admitted there?

    * How can I get the study materials for Tourism program?

    * As a Undergraduate student , can I bring my wife at the same time when I am leaving?

    Vaia plz reply in my email



  10. 1. Actually I dont know about Tourism. You may check website of the university which has Tourism subject.

    2. No. If not than you can not be admitted . So you should apply those university which takes exam in BD.

    3. From admission service of that university you are applying and the website of that.

    4. Yes

  11. Dear sir!

    I've applied to study International Business in 4 different universities in Finland, on a Bachelor level.

    Can you please tell me what kind of questions (Or subjects) are going to be in the Entrance Exam? Because most of the questions I find are for engineers (physics, chemistry etc...)! The thing is that It's been 4 years since I graduated from high school so I don't remember exactly every subject by heart and knowing which subjects are going to be in the Entrance Exam would help me a lot.

    Thanks so much, if you can reply here or to my email:
    it would be great!


  12. dear sir,

    i would like to know the contents of the questions in the entrance examination,its been four years since i left high school and would like to know the contents especially in the structure motivational letter.

    thank you.

  13. Structure of the Entrance Examination:

    Part 1: Mathematics, Logical deduction, Physics and Chemistry (min. 10/max. 30 points).
    From Physics and Chemistry, you can choose which questions you want to answer.
    Part 2: English language test for applicants not exempted from the language test (min. 21/max.
    42 points).

    Length of the Exam:

    The total duration of the part 1 of the entrance examination (Technology, Communication and Transport
    degree programmes) will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. The duration of the part 2 is 45 minutes.

  14. Dear brother,
    My entrace exam for jamk university next month.when i shall get my result?now i am living in uk as a student.if i pass the exam can i apply for visa from uk?
    Many thanks

  15. Dear Sir,
    I really want to take my bachelor degree in Finland, but the problem is I can't speak Finnish.Could you tell me which universities in Finland who taught in English? thank you

  16. Most of the Finnish university conduct their program in English language.

  17. Hi brother, im from sierra leone but living and studying in Nigeria..I have IELTS BAND 5.5....please could you advise me which school would accept me? Thank you

  18. Moreso, I would love to know if metropolitan schools uses discretionary admission and secondly, HOW FAR IS SAIMAA UAS FAR AWAY FROM HELSINKI, im asking concerning job availability....maybe i can school in saimaa and work in helsinki? Or is there job in saimaa too? Thanks brother

  19. someone help me, im in hell. ami recently fin land e application korsi. all papers noterized hoise. only motivation letter ta lekha baki. ebar entrance exam er centre porse FINLAND e. HORRIBLE!!! ki korbo bujte partesi na. karon ami shunsi, jehetu finland e exam..... embassy naki visa grant kore na bd student der. r, passport e refuse seal pora mane onno country te try korar jonno minus point. besides, exam die pass na korle 200000taka loss. wat can i do nw? some one help me. i cant make any decision.

  20. i have choose my +2 level in commerce.... then i can take admission in finland to study information technology?? and what types of question is asked to the commerce students?? Is it the same question that is asked to the science students?

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have completed my +2 level in commerce sector and i want to study information technology in finland....and it is allowed there to study the iT programmes to commerce students and does the embassy asked the commerce students to answer the physics,chemistry etc questions in the examination for getting visa? becoz i had only taken computer science and mathematics in my +2 level so physics etc questions are very difficult for me to handle