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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flight and Ticket

Hi, I think most of you have got residence permit and planning for fly to Helsinki. For some of you it will quite new experience. So I am trying to tell you some primary information.

1. Maximum weight of luggage is 20 KG
2. Maximum weight of Hand bag is 7 KG

*No liquid/metal in hand bag

Routes are normally

Dhaka-Dubai-Istanbul-Helsinki (Turkish Air)
Dhaka-Doha-Frankfurt-Helsinki (Etihad)
Dhaka-Bangkok-Stockholm-Helsinki (Thai Air)
Dhaka-New Delhi-Helsinki (Finn Air)

Price: It cost for one way 60 to 70 thousand BDT . Return ticket is cheaper but I think no one would buy that cause validity of an air ticket is 1 year and student do not go to home country within a year.

Known Agent:

Mr. Abdur Rahman
Air Travel Solution
Mob: +8801711512535