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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flight and Ticket

Hi, I think most of you have got residence permit and planning for fly to Helsinki. For some of you it will quite new experience. So I am trying to tell you some primary information.

1. Maximum weight of luggage is 20 KG
2. Maximum weight of Hand bag is 7 KG

*No liquid/metal in hand bag

Routes are normally

Dhaka-Dubai-Istanbul-Helsinki (Turkish Air)
Dhaka-Doha-Frankfurt-Helsinki (Etihad)
Dhaka-Bangkok-Stockholm-Helsinki (Thai Air)
Dhaka-New Delhi-Helsinki (Finn Air)

Price: It cost for one way 60 to 70 thousand BDT . Return ticket is cheaper but I think no one would buy that cause validity of an air ticket is 1 year and student do not go to home country within a year.

Known Agent:

Mr. Abdur Rahman
Air Travel Solution
Mob: +8801711512535


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  2. Hello ! I am Zubayer from Bangladesh.I have completed HSC(2009) GPA 4.70 And my IELTS Band Score is 6.00. i want to get admitted in Finland's University. in february session 2011.

    Can you Help me please.ple

  3. Write specifically which type of help do you need.

  4. Hi,
    Can you please provide any trusted travel agent office for flight booking from Dhaka to Helsinki?

  5. Hi I am Sanjoy from Khulna. I want admit in Finland university for my post graduate level.How can I admit in varsity without tution fee and how many cost might have to bear me with plain ticket?Even how can I get a part time job?Is it easy? Please notify or 01911294235

  6. In Finland almost everybody speaks at least some English so I had no greater difficulties at this. After a while I became familiar with inscriptions and packages of the products and I could communicate through Internet with the majority because the use of it is wide-spread and services are offered in a big quantity here. Just one thing that is a Finnish feature - they don't seem to be very talkative and never start converstation first! More info at this web site.