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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Masters level and Tuition fee

Bachelor and Doctoral Programs are totally tuition fee free. Only Tuition fee in Masters level study. Here you find the list where subjects and University name is listed concerning tuition fee. This year will be the first year of tuition fee in Finland so they have one hidden tricks. Even-though you will be admitted under the role of tuition fee but they will cover it by easy scholarship given to you (it is only my idea and experience, no official announcement, you may not be given Scholarship if you are out of luck).

Tuition fee list

My recommendation for Bangladeshi student who wants to study in Masters level in Finland, if you can manage scholarship than come here otherwise try to take admission in Bachelor degree, come here, manage your job and migrate to masters program. And it would be easier then to get scholarship even by the recommendation of your teacher. Think my word twice while tuition fee might be 9000 euro per academic year and living cost 400 euro per month. If you can bear your educational expenses from your family so you are warmly welcome in any time any condition.

In the upper part of this post I have written only for good student. But who are average grade and exhausted like me, please don't care any thing, come anyhow, it is possible to survive and stay here in any condition, as long as you want.

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