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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Entrance exam 2011 : Dhaka


Entrance examinations in Bangladesh will be held in Dhaka on 12th and 13th of April 2011. In the following
sections you can find information on the registration and examination arrangements. Please check carefully
the date of the entrance examination of the specific Degree Programme that you have been invited to and
follow the instructions for registration. In case you have received invitation to more than one examination and
the examinations overlap time-wise, you have to choose which examination you want to take. Maximum two
examinations can be taken at the same time.


Tuesday 12th April: Examinations for the Degree Programmes in

Business Management, International Business, International Business and Marketing Logistics
Facility Management, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Tourism
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Business Information Technology
Music and Media Management

Wednesday 13 April: Examinations for the Degree Programmes in

Automation Engineering, Chemistry and Technology, Construction Engineering, Environmental
Engineering, Industrial Management, Information Technology, Logistics Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering and Production Technology, Plastics Technology, Supply Chain Management
Environmental Engineering (only applicants for Tampere University of Applied Sciences)
Maritime Management
Design (only applicants for North Karelia University of Applied Sciences)

Examination venue:
Examination Hall- 1 & 2 (2nd Floor), Old Building, Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons
(BCPS), Mohakhali, Dhaka- 1212

Please note that the exact times and venues for the examinations will be announced at the
registration. In any case, all applicants have to arrive at the examination venue at 8:00 a.m. on the
day of the examination and reserve the whole day for the examination.


Registration deadline: You should register for the examinations held in Bangladesh by Tuesday 5th of
April 2011. All applicants should register for the examinations in person at the registration venue. The
registration is done by paying the registration fee and by carrying out the needed procedures (see
“Documents needed at the registration”).

Registration venue: The registration takes place at Room No. 330 (2nd floor), Department of Microbiology,
National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine (NIPSOM), Mohakhali, Dhaka- 1212. The office hours of
the registration venue are from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday.

Registration fee: The registration fee for the examinations is 6500 Taka (approximately 65 €) per applicant.
The registration fee should be paid as a bank deposit to the account specified by the local contact person.
The bank account number and instructions for making the deposit can be received from the contact person
of the registration. In special grounds, cash may also be received but consult the contact person first.

Contact information for the registration: The contact person for the registration is Dr. Kazi Shafiqul,
Assistant Professor. The contact e-mail is and the telephone numbers are
+8801676506019 (cell phone), +88029899451 (fixed phone).

In medical or other emergency grounds, special registration date and time may be arranged outside the
official schedule (please contact the person responsible for registration).


When registering for the entrance examination you should

1) Present your valid original passport or ID card.
2) Submit the Invitation Letter received from the University of Applied Sciences you have applied to.
3) Submit the enclosed Candidate Identification Form. The Candidate Identification Form needs to be
filled in and submitted with a photograph of you and a good photocopy of your passport or ID
attached to it.
4) Submit the enclosed Candidate Rules Form signed by you.


You must bring the following documents and equipment with you to the entrance examination:

1) Receipt of the paid registration fee (if applicable).
2) Valid Passport or ID card (the same Passport/ID card which you presented at the registration).
3) Pencils, eraser, sharpener and ruler (instructions on the use of calculator etc. is provided in the
section “Information on Entrance Examination”).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Invitation Letter for 2011

Invitation letter for entrance exam of 2011 will be issue on 18th of March. Applicant will be sent invitation letter by post and email both way.

Important: In case of postal letter missing applicant can be registered for entrance exam by email attachments copy.