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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Health Insurance

Most of you are now anxious about health insurance. In this post I am trying to give some idea about that. The most important issue is your insurance should cover 30,000 Euro in a year. Now see the recommended insurance company by Finnish Immigration Authority.

Cost 250-350 Euro

Last year most of the student who are already inside of Finland extended their visa by using this insurance which cost 100 Euro only. As all the visa decisions are made from Helsinki (not from India) authority are well concerned about this insurance
Download  the  insurance
When I was in Bangladesh I made insurance from Pioneer Insurance Co. LTD
Download  the  insurance 

2009 at New Delhi I saw two BD student were suffering with their insurance, they were holding two different companies insurance (due to my blogging rule I can not express the name of those directly)  Problem was insure coverage amount. Next day from Dhaka their family sent new one and they succeed to submit their application.

One student submitted his application with 6 months coverage health insurance. After 25 days from Finland he got email that they were going to give him 6 months visa as he submitted 6 months health insurance. Than that student made a new insurance of 1 year and emailed them and got full 1 year visa.


  1. hi,

    i am going to new Delhi for Finland visa on 26th may. i have a concern, i have normal passport not machine readable passport, should that be a problem. I am admitted in AALTO university, school of technology, school of communication.


  2. hi finnbd,

    so is it possible to take health insurance through

    " "

    from the first year, cause 100 euro is very cheap, also is it reliable?

    thanks for your feedback in advance.


  3. Hello dear,
    I have got admission in university of Lapand for 2 year masters program. Now how can i manage 2 year Insurance and which companies are safe for Bangladesh, is there any list!
    My bank deposit is valid from this may and there is a condition to keep the balance aproximately 3 month! And, if i submit my Visa application late June, is there any problem?

  4. Hi,which one is most reliable insurance company in Bangladesh? Can't decide.Please let me know.
    Anyone going to Tampere?

  5. As Sweden has introduced tuition fees, is it also for students from Bangladesh.