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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Applicant Guide 2012 has been published from JAMK

Application period to Bachelor´s Degree Programmes and Vocational Education starts 9.1.2012. Application Period for Master´s Degrees starts on 5.3.2012.
Applicant Guide 2012


  1. hi, I have a question regarding bank statement. I cant show 6000 euro in my account, but my uncle has the money and he can show his statement. now, if i show my uncle's statement is it going to be ok..? If my uncle's statement is enough, then how much money my uncle has to show..? 6000 euro or more..?? and shall i need any kind of relationship certificate to prove my relation with my uncle..??

    please, help me out.. lots of thanks in advance.

  2. i am a bd student & interested to study in Finland. I Have a Question Regarding admission. my overall Ielts score is 6.5 but my ssc & hsc GPA was very poor. i got 2.69 in ssc & 2.60 in hsc. and i passed hsc in 2007, now i am a (pass) 2nd year student under Bangladesh national university. am i eligible to apply there.

  3. SSC & HSC Result doesn't matter, you can apply to any course at any Amk in Finland! hope it will help you.

  4. But you will not get any opportunity to sit for the entran. exam. from BD and they will not issue you a visa for the exam in Finland.Think abt it