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1. Is there any entrance exam in Master's?

No there is no entrance exam in Master's. Entrance exam is only for bachelor program. 

2. When application period starts  for Master's?

November 15 to February 28. It varies program to program.

3. When application period starts  for Bachelor?

January 11 to February 15. There is another slot in September, but that time only 3 university of applied science arrange entrance exam only inside of Finland.

4. Without IELTS / TOFEL or any recognized  English language profeciency test is it possible to apply?

No. For details click here

5. How is the monthly living cost in Finland?

350 to 450 Euros

6. What is the website to apply for Bachelor programs?

7.  What is the website to apply for Master's programs?  Note: Aalto, TUT, Vaasa have their own application system through their website.

8. How many hours per week work allowed for student?

25 hours.

9. Can I live Finland after completing degree?

Yes you can if you can manage a job here. If you complete your degree you shall get 6 months residence permit to search for job. You can also look for job while you are studding. Most of the students do part time job while they are studying, after completing degree they convert that info full time.

10. Any tuition fee for study?

No. It's totally free here.