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Residence Permit

After getting papers (acceptance letter and conformation/notification of acceptance) from University, as soon as possible go to India/Nepal to apply for residence permit (RP). Do all yourself; please don’t go to any consultancy firm.
At first fill up ‘Study conformation form’ and scan it to send via e-mail to your University after that send by post, use DHL. I suggest sending via mail. By this time, you can prepare all papersto apply online and face embassy for residence permit .

Finnish Residence Permit Application Process:
Application hours: Monday to Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00 hours
Address: EMBASSY OF FINLAND, New Delhi
E-3, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India
Tel. +91-11-4149 7500, E-mail:

Application hours: Monday to Thursday 9.00-11.00.
EMBASSY OF FINLAND, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Bishalnagar, G.P.O. Box 2126
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel. +977-1-4417 221, 4416 636

(In Kathmandu you need to make an appointment for submitting the application, telephone hours for making the appointment: Mon-Thu 13:30-14:30; Tel: 980 100 23 23)

Application fees: student's residence permit: € 300/ Rs. 21100 (36,900 NR); you need to make pay order (demand draft) from any Indian bank in favour of ‘EMBASSY OF FINLAND, New Delhi/Kathmandu. Or any bank in Nepal. Better to use online application and pay online.

Processing time: 2-3(maximum) months (online process within one month)

General Requirements for Residence Permit Applications (Students)

• Personal appearances of the applicant - all applicants are interviewed (you must go yourself, do not contract with any agency plz. Don’t worry about interview. It will be normal conversation e.g. why you are going? What you will do after study? What is your future plan? Etc.)
• Residence permit application forms (OLE_OPI) you can print it and fill by hand or fill in computer or use e-services. (Better fill in computer, print it and sign it.)
• Valid passport (valid at least up to the applied duration of stay)
• Photocopies of all relevant pages of the passport
• Two colour photographs (Quality requirements for photos ). It is important that the photo fulfils the requirements. See the exact quality requirements following link. Print this requirement and give to the studio for photo.
• Originals and one photocopy of each document must be presented
o Study (SSC, HSC, Degree) and work certificates
o Certificate of acceptance/attendance from a Finnish educational institution
(acceptation letter from your University)
o Clarification of income (your own bank statement for last 3 months with balance (800,000-900,000 tk) , if money comes from relatives show the relation and give relatives bank statements and source of income details). This is very important to get residence permit.
o Health insurance for one year (If studies last more than two years a health insurance
covering up to € 30 000 valid min. of one year from the date student expects to
arrive to Finland. If studies last less than two years, insurance coverage must be upto € 100 000); you can buy insurance form Bangladesh (Sadharan bima- 25,000 to35,000 tk (I did this), and other some private bank) or from Internet there are some company such as (write effective date 1.8.2013 if you go India during May): (this link provide by TUT) (check for price)
referid=9800222 (from these links and companies you can look for cheap price one)
o IELTS or TOEFL result papers.
• Note that additional documents not mentioned here may be requested (if you think some other documents or certificates important – take with you).
(If you have any other problem to understand please write me as a question. Do not get worried and frustrated. I would suggest if you need any consultancy please take from someone who knows the whole process not from several persons for several issues. Because, this way you will get confuse.

Furthermore, if you need more to know about how you will go to India and how you will make ‘Pay order’ and many other issues please don’t hesitate to write me in FB as a massage or if you want to
discus you can find me Skype- tohid.hassan).
Hope this little help will give you solution in your future study. Wish you best and Welcome to Finland.

Check lists for application: (take all your original papers with you in separate file, they will only look those original)

In one file: (to submit)

1. Two photographs (colour-according to requirements

2. Filled application form (OLE_OPI)

3. One copy of your CV (normal CV with details of yourself)

4. Photocopy of your passport (MRP passport page 2-5, normal 1-5)

5. Photocopy of acceptance letter from your University

6. Photocopy of study conformation acceptance letter (this papers will come after you submit study conformation form to the university)

7. Original bank papers (your own bank statements for last 3 months + bank solvency certificate + relatives bank statements + source of income; if it is job provide job papers and TIN or if it is business you need to provide trade license and TIN (Tax identification number) certificate + some prove of relation, in case of parents do not need any papers because it is already in the passport). In Indian Finnish embassy usually do not believe bank statements from any
government’s bank but other private bank including Islami bank they believe. So, if you have government bank don’t worry, try to make sure that those papers have authentic seal and signature in bank letter pad.

8. Original Health insurance certificate.

9. Photocopy of SSC, HSC and Bachelor certificates only, do not need marks shit but bring original with you.

10. Photocopy of IELTS or TOEFL result papers

11. Photocopy of any employment certificates

After collect all papers in this file you have to make another copy of this total application file. So, at last
make sure that you have three file –
- Original papers file
- One main application file
- And photocopy of main application file
©tohid.hassan - You can use and provide others in any form of this work.

Courtesy:  Tohid Hasan
of Bangladeshi Incoming students Finland

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